Zoominfo vs. Seamless.ai and competitors

ZoomInfo or Seamless.ai? Or, another data vendor?

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Data Vendors

qualities of data vendors for leads

  1. Price per lead. When you are looking at ways to find sales leads, make sure you know the price per lead and compare these. You will find varieties based on industry, qualifications of the lead, and the process each data vendor uses.

  2. Data points. The best way to market and sell a prospect is to identify information about who they are. This should include basic demographics. It should also include countries you want to target. If you want to have deeper pieces of information, consider behaviors, preferences, and details that help to identify easier ways to close your next sale.

  3. Tools and systems. The list building you use needs to compliment the tools you have. A mistake that is common among businesses is they “mismatch” their systems with their list building. The result is limited sales prospecting, confusion with information, and issues with the tools details.

  4. Amount of data. The quantity of data you get impacts your process. It changes the price, alters the process of prospecting, and causes the sales team to fluctuate with their work. Identifying what you need first will help you find the right data vendor.

  5. Types of services. Many vendors will provide an “A La Carte,” allowing you to match the types of services you want or need with each vendor. Others will offer an option for full service, allowing you to have a complete set of services for your lead generation needs.

Data Vendor Comparison

Pricing and quick comparison chart of data vendors.


Website: zoominfo.com

Zoom Info list building


  • Scans online sources and compiles best of for your industry
  • Highlights contact events for better information
  • Verified by performance through human research
  • Highlights demographics you need for effective contact
  • Offers quality data, phone numbers, and ENT companies

While Zoominfo has several features to identify prospects, they are best for larger entities and corporations. The proportion of cost to the number of leads you receive doesn’t work for smaller companies that are still scaling or for startups that are not ready for the cold to close process of this level of list building.


Website: seamless.ai

Seamless.ai for list building


  • Use of AI to immediately find prospects
  • Focuses on building a pipeline for startups to enterprises
  • Data is considered accurate
  • Provides foundational data points needed to get results
  • Data verification

If you are committed to the sales process, then Seamless.ai is an alternative to consider. They reinforce higher pricing and long term contracts. However, you will have continuous and reliable sources to work with the wheelhouse of prospects you want to close.


Website: apollo.io


  • Prospecting Chrome extension
  • Email sequencing to easily put prospects into campaigns
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Lead scoring
  • Task management for reps
  • Built in phone dialer

Apollo is quickly becoming a favorite amongst startups because of its complete suite of features. By adding email sequencing and a nifty dialer, there is no need for a rep to learn multiple platforms and fewer integration headaches in general. If you do not have the budget or time for setting up a full tech stack, Apollo is the best option to start running outbound. 


Website: lusha.com


  • Prospecting Chrome extension
  • Simple UX/UI
  • Enrich your existing contacts with additional Lusha data
  • Lots of integrations to send easily send data to

Lusha is a great for small teams that do manual prospecting on Linkedin. While it is lightweight and easy to use, it does offer clever features for pushing contact data to other platforms in your tech stack as well as enriching your existing CRM contacts with additional  data points. If you are new to outbound, this is a great option to get started with.


Website: LeadIQ.com


  • Prospecting Chrome extension
  • Simple and straightforward

LeadIQ is very simple and straightforward. Use their Chrome Extension to find contact information of specific prospects on Linkedin. If you don’t need features or frills, this might be a good choice for list building and pushing data to an email sequencing tool.


List building and outbound should always start with strategy. Identify what vendors work for you, how they can help to build your list, and the action items required by your sales team. Each vendor comes with different approaches to finding prospects and closing.

If building an outbound engine seems like a big lift, it is, but Hiplead can help! Ping our pro-service team and let us build you an outbound engine that exceeds your quota. Don't get bogged down in tools, data, and spam.

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