Zoominfo VS. Lusha

So you're ready to start running cold email campaigns but you need to find email addresses. You hear a lot about Zoominfo, but is it right for you? Lusha is another data provider you should consider.

Let’s compare ZoomInfo vs. Lusha

Contact data


  • Companies: 100M +
  • Emails: 100M +
  • Phone numbers: 63M +


  • Companies: 100M
  • Emails: 60M
  • Phone numbers: 50M

Data Quality


  • Anecdotal bounce rate: Over hundreds of research calls we had in 2020 and 2021, sales and marketing leaders constantly complained about ZoomInfo’s data quality and bounce rates. Some people we spoke with reported bounce rates of 20% - 50% depending on their audience. Reddit conversations seem to think ZoomInfo data is the best-of-breed because of their size.
  • Claimed accuracy: 95% accurate


  • 81% accuracy for phone number & emails.
  • Widely trusted by large and small companies.
  • GDPR & CCPA best practices for privacy and data management.

Key Features


  • Search inside of ZoomInfo’s platform without scraping Linkedin or company sites.
  • Also includes a Chrome Extension if your SDRs prospect on Linkedin.
  • Company alerts, news
  • Contact management
  • Buyer intent signals
  • Syncs with most CRMs


  • Contact data sourcing
  • Chrome Extension
  • Build contact lists



  • Starts at $10,000/month for basic plans
  • Requires a contract and minimum # of seats.


  • Starts at $99/user/month
  • Only includes 100 contacts/month
  • You must purchase additional credits to reach more than 100 contacts/month.
  • 100 contacts includes phone numbers and emails for each contact.



If you have a large sales org or are planning on growing your sales team to double-digit numbers, Zoominfo is probably the right data provider for you. Keep in mind, you'll have to commit to a hefty contract, meaning Zoominfo really only makes sense if you plan on sending a high volume of emails on a weekly basis. If you don't expect your reps to email in high volumes, you might want to look at a cheaper option.


If you don't want to sign a contract with Zoominfo, Lusha might be a good option for you. While it does not include a robust set a extra features or functionality, it does an incredibly good job of sourcing phone numbers and emails. Keep in mind, you will still need a sequencing tool to send emails, like Outreach or Salesloft. If Lusha's pricing is too pricey, explore Seamless.ai or Apollo.io.

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