Pair your Outreach sequences with the perfect audience.

Build audiences in Personas based on detailed company and contact filters, then use Outreach to match each persona with messaging that resonates.

Fresh leads pushed to your Outreach sequences weekly.

Reps get targeted leads in their inbox every week which are automatically synced to your Outreach sequences, complete with custom tags and merge fields.

Review leads before they get synced to Outreach.

Choose fully-automated lead syncing or quickly check your leads before sending them to Outreach with the push of a button.

Hiplead makes all the little Outreach admin tasks disappear.

Automate the Outreach tasks that steal hours from your sales reps. Forget about list cleaning, drop the manual field mapping, and ditch CSVs altogether.

Automatically distribute leads between multiple SDRs.

Easily send Outreach emails from multiple mailboxes in a round-robin format.

Hiplead + Outreach + Salesforce (& your other tools)

Leads are fully synced with Salesforce and deduplicated against your existing opportunities.

Hiplead works with nearly every B2B sales and marketing tool, either through native integration or via Zapier.

Switching to Hiplead easily quadrupled our qualified leads in a few months.

Joe Du Bey


Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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