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When we were a consultancy, our secret sauce for improving outbound conversion was the unique way that we combined hyper-targeted leads with automated email personalization. We offered an end-to-end service that allowed sales teams to sit back and wait for qualified meetings to appear in their inbox every week.

Our focus has always been on startups. It’s a space we know, love, and understand deeply. In the startup arena, we’ve learned how to reach the right prospects at the right time with the right message, and we wanted to offer that experience to a larger audience by transforming our expertise into a scalable product.

Today we offer the same end-to-end sales automation service that we offered at HipLead, except as a SaaS platform that integrates with all of your sales tools to massively simplify your outbound process. It pushes leads that tightly match your Ideal Customer Persona directly into your email campaigns and does the work of several SDRs (list cleaning, deduplication, CRM uploading, etc.) to allow your reps to focus entirely on selling to qualified leads.

The accuracy and quality of our lead targeting allows small startups with a handful of sales reps to compete with even the largest SDR teams. Our clients are seeing year-on-year growth as high as 4X and attributing half of their revenue to the leads delivered by Personas.

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Conor Lee

Co-Founder & CEO

Rick Wohlers

Co-founder & CTO

Greg Wisenberg

Head Of Client Services

Yang Wang

Director of Operations & Special Projects

Kelly Lazzara

Project Manager & Operations

Jeheen Zaman

Senior Data Analyst

Carlos Pena

Software Engineer

Luis Herrera

Software Engineer

Henry Lanham

Account Executive

Mark DeMitchell

Director of Marketing

Daniel Peña

Marketing Operations Associate

Nkechi Nwose

Data Analyst

Raman Saini

Data Analyst

Maya Mukhi

Report Generation Specialist

Since working with HipLead, revenue from outbound channels has grown 300%, without any additional staff.



Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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