Hubspot Integration

HubSpot Sales has a new,powerful friend.

Hiplead sources hyper-targeted leads and simplifies outbound campaign management.

Never source leads you already have.

Hiplead automatically suppresses contacts that already exist in HubSpot, SFDC, or any other CRM, so you never accidentally contact someone you shouldn’t.

You can also suppress the creation of leads from companies that meet select Deal Stage criteria in your HubSpot CRM.

Hiplead sends you fresh, high-quality leads that match your ideal target persona.

No more time-consuming lead gen. Get relevant leads pushed directly to HubSpot.

You have full control over which leads get loaded into HubSpot

Unique lead lists that are more likely to convert.

Unlike other lead generation companies, we have a unique sourcing method that doesn’t rely on reselling the same worn out leads over and over again.

Our leads convert better because they haven’t already been bombarded by your competitors. We guarantee 95% lead accuracy and always replace any inaccurate leads.

Less work for sales managers and their reps.

Hiplead eliminates data management so your sales team can focus on selling. No more CSVs. No more manual data mapping, lead tagging, or allocating leads to SDRs.

Our Testimonials

Since working with Hiplead, revenue from outbound channels has grown 300%, without any additional staff.

Hiplead + HubSpot also integrates with Outreach & PersistIQ

Hiplead can push your leads into Outreach and Persist IQ to simplify the process of sending personalized sales emails to each of your target personas. Personas works with nearly every B2B sales and marketing tool, either through native integration or via Zapier.

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Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and
seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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