Persistiq Integration

Smart prospect sourcing and simplified campaign management for PersistIQ

Hiplead's new PersistIQ integration makes life even easier for sales reps.

Sales teams that integrate Hiplead + PersistIQ save up to 22 hours every week.

Spend more time selling and improving conversion rates, and less time stuck in your CRM loading and manipulating prospect data.

Add Hiplead + PersistIQ to your outbound toolkit to eliminate mindless admin tasks and supercharge your sales workflows.

Get a clear picture of which audiences convert best.

Hiplead prospects always come fully enriched with all of the data you need to make strategic decisions — everything from company size and region to industry and contact title.

Keep track of which audience personas are driving sales and adjust your targeting accordingly. No more flying blind and making guesses.

Get high-converting prospects and push them directly into their matching email campaigns in PersistIQ.

Use HIplead to discover target personas that convert really well for your business — based on company size, industry, funding, and more. Then push freshly-sourced prospects from that audience directly into your multi-touch email sequences in PersistIQ.

Close more deals by simplifying the process of sending relevant, personalized emails to targeted prospects, complete with custom tags and merge fields.

Hiplead drip-feeds prospects to PersistIQ at a set cadence to ensure reps always hit their sales targets.

Say you have 5 reps who each need to send 500 emails per week to hit their targets. That’s 2,500 weekly emails total.

Hiplead will source 2,500 new contacts that match your criteria every Monday morning and push them into the correct PersistIQ campaigns. Each rep hits their target with high quality leads.

Hiplead+ PersistIQ + Salesforce (& your other tools)

Leads are fully synced with Salesforce and deduplicated against your existing opportunities.
Hiplead works with nearly every B2B sales and marketing tool, either through native integration or via Zapier.

Our Testimonials

Since working with Hiplead, revenue from outbound channels has grown 300%, without any additional staff.

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Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and
seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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