Zoominfo VS. Seamless.ai

If you are looking for a data provider to feed your cold email campaigns, ZoomInfo is one of the biggest names out there, but is it right for you? There are many alternatives that offer advantages and might be a better fit for your strategy and your team.

Let’s compare ZoomInfo vs. its biggest competitor, Seamless.ai.

Contact data


  • Companies: 100M +
  • Emails: 100M +
  • Phone numbers: 63M +


  • Companies: 157M +
  • Emails: Available but undisclosed amount
  • Phone numbers: Available but undisclosed amount

Data Quality


  • Anecdotal bounce rate: Over hundreds of research calls we had in 2020 and 2021, sales and marketing leaders constantly complained about ZoomInfo’s data quality and bounce rates. Some people we spoke with reported bounce rates of 20% - 50% depending on their audience. Reddit conversations seem to think ZoomInfo data is the best-of-breed because of their size.
  • Claimed accuracy: 95% accurate


  • Anecdotal bounce rate: Over the course of our research calls, we spoke with fewer people using Seamless.ai vs. ZoomInfo, but overall sentiment of Seamless.ai’s data quality was positive. Similar conversations on Reddit show moderate happiness with their data quality.
  • Claimed accuracy: Undisclosed

Key Features


  • Search inside of ZoomInfo’s platform without scraping Linkedin or company sites.
  • Also includes a Chrome Extension if your SDRs prospect on Linkedin.
  • Company alerts, news
  • Contact management
  • Buyer intent signals
  • Syncs with most CRMs


  • Build lists inside of Seamless.ai’s platform without going to Linkedin or company sites.
  • Slick Chrome extension if your SDRs prospect on Linkedin.
  • Over 1,500 integrations
  • Syncs to most CRMs.
  • Company news and insights.



  • Starts at $10,000/month for basic plans
  • Requires a contract and minimum # of seats.


  • Starts at $147/user/month
  • Price break starts at 5 users.


If you are a smaller team that plans to increase volume in the next year, we recommend Seamless.ai. You get a ton of features, simple UX, and solid data. If you are already an enterprise level team and need top tier data, Zoominfo is quickly swallowing up smaller platforms and creating a more robust product. You might be willing to swallow the big bill by consolidating some of your other sales tools and simplifying your tech stack.

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