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Webinar on -demand: How to survive and thrive in sales during crisis.

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Everyone’s in a crunch right now. We’re all scrambling to figure out how to meet our Q2 quotas and grow our businesses in this difficult time. A stalled economy is anxiety inducing, but we have been here before in 2008 during the housing crisis. While your traditional sales might have gone flat, there are emerging opportunities appearing if you know where to look and willing to change your approach to sales.

We recorded a 60-minute webinar with our very own Conor Lee and PersistIQ CEO Daniel Ahmadizadeh.

Core concepts we cover:
  1. How to retain your current customers.
  2. Ways to build your pipeline for Q3 and Q4.
  3. Ways to add value now and collect later.
  4. How to engage customers who don't have a budget.


On-demand right now. Watched by over 220 sales pros.


Watch the webinar

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