Personas has a new, intelligent way to source leads for Salesforce

This new integration repeatedly sources and syncs highly-targeted leads for Salesforce without messing up your lead data.

So, we know there are plenty of lead generation platforms out there that will sync your leads to Salesforce, right?

But what most platforms call “syncing” is actually just “pushing” — ie. dumping leads into Salesforce without checking whether those leads already exist, which of course results in duplicate leads, messy data, and mistakes made by sales reps.

The other issue with most lead gen platforms is that — because they only sync with Salesforce unidirectionally — they have no way to prevent the sourcing of additional leads from companies you’re already in conversation with.

This results in reps accidentally contacting multiple people at the same company and blowing deals without realizing it.

Personas was purpose-built to generate clean, mistake-proof, and highly-targeted leads for companies who use Salesforce, and this article explains how it solves the problems described above.


Personas automatically suppresses unwanted leads by default.

There are two categories of leads that everybody wants to exclude from their lead sourcing, yet no other lead gen platform out there allows you to do so. Nobody wants to source...

1. Leads/contacts they already have in Salesforce, or....

2. Leads from companies that already exist as active opportunities, existing clients, or competitors.

Personas syncs with Salesforce bidirectionally, which means it automatically prevents the sourcing of leads who match the above criteria, as well as any criteria you choose to create based on any field or state in Salesforce.

It will auto-suppress all contacts that you already have in your database, so you never see another duplicate lead and never have to deal with your existing clients asking you why your sales team is reaching out to them via cold email.

Personas even automatically tracks leads that advance to opportunities and suppresses lead sourcing from that entire company, so you never have issues with contacting someone else at a company you're trying to close.

Set it once and get new leads automatically synced with Salesforce on a regular basis.

Leads from companies

Other lead generation platforms that “sync” with Salesforce generally require you to scroll through a list of leads, tick the leads you want, then click a button to manually push those leads into Salesforce.

Personas' core feature, on the other hand, allows you to set highly-targeted audience criteria that hones in on your ideal customer persona and excludes companies and contacts that don’t match that profile — based on advanced filters like company size, funding, technology use, department sizes, and much more.

Once you set this up, Personas will continue to source leads from your niched-down audience on a regular basis, without you having to lift a finger — though you can, of course, adjust your audience and manually review your leads if you wish.

Finally, a simple way to generate leads for Salesforce.

Other platforms that sync with Salesforce will save you the time of uploading CSVs and mapping fields, but they don’t make sure your lead data is safe for your reps to use, through auto-deduplication and company suppression.

So if you're tired of downloading csv files to check for duplicates and want an intelligent suppression system — check out Personas' Salesforce integration.

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