7 cold email strategies to get more interested responses during the Summer.

Have you noticed response rates and meeting booked tend to dip in Summer? People are on vacation, out of office, and taking off from work earlier in the day. In fact, many companies are starting to implement half day Fridays (lucky them).  As your prospects’ behavior changes, your outbound campaigns and strategies need to change as well. You can’t expect your typical outbound campaigns you’ve been running all year to continue producing the same results.

Make sure your reps and team are up-to-date on your adjusted campaigns/tactics as well. Here is the same checklist we use with leading SaaS companies. Feel free to download it and share with your team.

7 outbound strategies to implement

  1. Make sure your reps have email responses forwarded to another rep if they are out of office.
  1. If you have email touches scheduled for afternoons, re-schedule them for mornings. Ditch Friday sends altogether. 
  1. Have your reps keep a list of automatic responses from prospects that say “Out of office until this date XX/XX.” Setup reminders to reach back out to those prospects after their specified date.
  1. Supplement lower Summer response rates with Linkedin direct message campaigns. If you aren’t doing outreach to prospects on Linkedin already, read our post about a simple Linkedin strategy your reps can leverage. 
  1. Add an extra touch to your sequences and reference that the prospect might be or have been out of the office on vacation.
  1. Reference the Summer season in your outreach and keep emails shorter, tighter, and casual.
  1. Now that things are opening up, it could be advantageous to meet a prospect out for a walk for an iced coffee. Take advantage of the weather and the long awaited in-person sessions.

Download the checklist PDF

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