How to build a marketing or sales tech stack: Integrated or multi-app?
What is an integrated tech stack?
  • Typically a platform that is robust in features.
  • Has more than one core function.


What is a multi-app tech stack is?
  • Usually multiple apps that are linked together through integrations and APIs.
  • These individual apps are typically focus on one core function.


What are the pros and cons of each strategy?

It’s the eternal struggle between being a Jack of all trades yet a master of none. Integrated solutions have broader functionality but they often lack the depth and sophistication that the leading innovators in each category provide. On the other hand, multi-app solutions require integrations to work together as a cohesive unit.

If you choose the integrated route, you get your sales & marketing operations up and running with easy, built-in workflows, but you’re at the mercy of a single-source vendor, the features, and support they offer. Customization is typically minimal.

If you choose the multi-app route, you have to find individual tools to perform each function and then figure out how to make them work with each other — which isn’t always easy — but the hope is your team will be more efficient over time.

Unfortunately this choice is sort of like asking which foot would you rather have the thorn in?


Is there a way to get the best of both worlds?

Yes, there is. If you use Personas, our orchestration layer connects all your outbound sales and marketing tools together. We automate the flow of prospect data into your stack, and keep all of your standalone sales & martech tools in sync with each other, saving your team hours of needless steps normally required to move data around.

With Personas, we talk to your entire stack across the full demand generation process. We ensure you always use highly-targeted, clean data, and no longer have to chase data ops all the way through. We’re both the database and the intelligent pipes that route your data to the right app.

The result: with Personas you get to take advantage of the simplicity that comes with an integrated sales & marketing solution, and combine it with the performance and customizability of best-of-breed single solutions. This saves as much as 90% of the wasted time in your workflows..


So what does this look like in practice?

Say you currently have an all-in-one software suite, like a feature-packed CRM or marketing campaign tool, but there’s a new category of features that you’d like to roll out, but it’s only available from a best of breed tool. Or, say there’s a point-solution that can perform a particular function better than your existing tools, but managing the new workflow would take a lot of extra effort.

With Personas, you can add that individual app you love to your stack and still maintain simple outbound workflows.

If you aren’t already using an integrated sales & marketing solution, we can help connect all of your standalone tools to eliminate manual steps from your sales & marketing processes.

Sales outbound typical worflow
Figure 1: An Example of a Legacy Outbound Stack Workflow

Instead of the many steps shown in this example of a typical lead generation and engagement process — Personas is a set-and-forget solution that firstly sources leads that match your ideal customer persona, then puts that contact data into each of the above steps intelligently and automatically.

sales outbound workflow personas
Figure 2: A Personas Orchestrated Workflow

We’re the glue that keeps your favorite tools working together. And, if you are ever in a bake-off for new outbound tools, we can help you run A/B tests to the same ideal customer persona to find out which tools work best for your team.

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