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Announcing Personas 2.0 — The Lead Gen Tool For Startups That Prevents Missed Opportunities


That’s the voice of your ideal customer right this very minute. They’re sitting at their desk pulling their hair out, slamming their fist on the table, spilling coffee all over the keyboard.

They’re suffering through the exact pain point that your product was built to solve.

They’re wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks. Or wasting money on something that doesn’t bring them enough ROI. Or wasting energy trying to create their own solution in-house.

They want to buy your product to solve their problem. They need to buy your product.

Only problem is, they’ve never heard of you.

They have no idea that you have the solution to their problem. And even worse, maybe they’ve heard rumours that your competitors can take their pain away.

If you had a way to reach this coffee-soaked decision maker this very minute, they’d likely throw their credit card at you and you’d have yourself a brand new customer.

But how! How do you reach the right person at the right time when you’re a startup that nobody has heard of yet?

Introducing Personas: the tool that makes your ideal customers aware of your product

Maybe your prospects are ready to buy right now, or maybe they’ll finally crack after another hair-pulling episode. Either way, Personas keeps your product top of mind whenever your ideal customers think about the problem that your product solves.

It’s a brand new tool for startup sales teams that firstly helps you figure out who your ideal customers are, and then gives you all of their email addresses — so it gives you direct access to your Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Our support team shows you how to pinpoint the leads that are going to be most likely to buy your product, and then our platform drip feeds those leads directly to your automated email campaigns in Outreach or any other email automation tool.

So, with the right messaging (which we can help with), your product will be front and center in the minds of your ideal customers whenever the time to buy finally comes.

In that sense, Personas is much more than just a lead database. Yes, we specialize in providing startups with really accurate email addresses and company data, but we also automate a lot of the tedious, manual tasks that SDRs have to do, saving 10-22hrs/week per rep.


See Personas in action for yourself

We started out 6 years ago as HipLead, a full-service consultancy that runs cold email campaigns for 250+ high-growth startups, having generated $100m+ in sales across 30+ industry verticals, and now we’re offering the same end-to-end sales automation service in product form.

Whether you already know who your Ideal Customer Persona is, or if you’re looking to rapidly test different messaging with different personas, our platform will help you find the perfect contacts to scale up your outbound without the need to hire SDRs.

Personas integrates with all of your sales tools and eliminates list cleaning, lead deduplication, CRM uploading, syncing with Salesforce, Outreach, etc., and other manual tasks that get in the way of selling.

The end result is a revenue engine that runs on its own and sends meetings to the inboxes of your sales reps every week.

We’ve seen small startups with a handful of sales reps use our unique outbound process to compete with even the largest SDR teams. Our clients are seeing year-on-year growth as high as 4X and attributing half of their revenue to the leads delivered by Personas.

So, if you’re a startup or SaaS company targeting SMB or Mid Market, give Personas a try here.

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