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Personas integrates with PersistIQ to find the perfect audience for your cold email outreach

Find the leads that are most likely to convert for your business.

It’s fairly easy these days to find lead gen platforms that give you an endless stream of prospects for your business, right?

More leads equals more sales (in theory at least), so why does the idea of sourcing a mountain of random leads often leave a bad taste in our mouths?

It’s because external leads that aren't carefully personalized to your business create new problems of their own for your sales process.

These are the main problems with lead lists that don't use our persona-based sourcing method and CRM integrations:

  • They come with contacts you’ve already sourced elsewhere.
  • They convert poorly because the leads aren’t tailored specifically to your business.
  • Many of the contacts are inaccurate, outdated, or already exhausted by other companies.
  • They come with leads that you don’t want to contact (competitors, clients, etc.)

That’s just the obvious stuff, but the problems actually run much deeper:

  • It’s often difficult to select prospects based on important details like company size, location, industry, contact title, software used, etc. because lead data tends to be incomplete.
  • You can’t get a clear picture of which audience personas convert best, because of the same missing data mentioned above.

This article explains how the new Personas + PersistIQ integration solves all of these lead generation problems, pinpoints the perfect audience for your business, and delivers only the leads that have the strongest likelihood of becoming your customers.

Find the leads that are most likely to convert for your business.

An introduction to personalized, persona-based lead generation.

If you took all of your easy-to-convert customers and put them in one room right now, do you think you might learn something that led you to discover even more of these “easy to convert” customers?

Try a little thought experiment: what common characteristics can you find among your best customers?

Do they all have a small (or large) HR department, for example?

Were they all founded, say, 2-3 years ago with around $1-2M in funding to date?

Do they all use a particular piece of marketing software?

Do all of the decision makers have a certain keyword in their title?

These are questions that most businesses can’t answer because they simply don’t have access to granular data about their leads.

That’s where persona-based lead generation comes in. Personas leads always come fully enriched with all of the data you need to figure out which lead characteristics are driving sales, so that you can double down on known “easy-to-convert” audiences instead of relying on guesswork.

That’s the “persona-based” part of Personas’s lead generation process. And the “personalized” part just means that Personas never sources leads that you already have, or that you don’t want to contact for whatever reason.

We integrate and fully sync (bi-directionally) with all of your sales tools and CRMs to ensure that new leads are always new and ready for your outreach.

Sona adds curated leads to PersistIQ (and all of your other sales tools) so your reps can focus on selling.

Sona adds curated leads to PersistIQ (and all of your other sales tools) so your reps can focus on selling.

On top of solving the lead-generation problems mentioned above (with 95% accuracy guaranteed on 210M+ leads at 20M+ companies), the new Personas + PersistIQ integration allows sales teams to spend all of their time closing new accounts and upgrading existing accounts, with a lot less “admin work” than they’re used to.

It's a bit like having a super-powered SDR and B2B marketing team in one package, because it sources high-converting prospects and pushes them directly into their matching email campaigns in PersistIQ, with no data entry required.

If you’d like to learn more about simplifying your outbound campaign management, reach out to

And if you’d like to see how this has worked for others, here’s a story about a lead generation experiment that got a Silicon Valley sales rep promoted.

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