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Meet Personas, the lead generation tool for automating targeted outbound

Personas joins Outreach Galaxy to eliminate manual prospecting from your outbound process.

Every now and then a new piece of outbound sales software comes along and makes you think, “How has this never existed before?” You try it, realize you can’t live without it, and it quickly becomes the cornerstone of your outbound strategy.

That’s Personas. It’s a tool that automatically sources leads every Monday morning, based on each of your target personas, and syncs them with your sales engagement platform to save your reps hours of work.

If you’re using Outreach, you can build a tailored audience in Personas, connect it to a specific Outreach sequence, and activate the automation that integrates with Salesforce and other tools to eliminate all the admin tasks related to lead generation.

We are proud to announce the Personas Outreach integration, via the Outreach Galaxy marketplace.

Weekly leads pushed directly into your sales engagement platform.

Weekly leads pushed directly into your sales engagment platform.

Every week, highly-targeted leads are sourced, deduplicated against existing opportunities and leads, then loaded into the correct email sequences, complete with custom tags and merge fields.

You can review your leads with the click of a button before they get synced to your outreach platform, or you can set Personas to automatically upload those leads to your platform at a rate of your choice.

And if you want to, you can automatically distribute your leads between multiple SDRs so you don’t accidentally bombard the same contacts with the same messaging.

Book more meetings with automated email personalization.

Book more meetings with automated email personalization.

Personas’ advanced list refinement allows you to hand-select audiences based on detailed company and contact filters, then match each persona with messaging that resonates.

This type of personalization is the hallmark of a successful sales strategy. It usually takes hours of manual list building to refine lead data and upload your contacts, but Personas gives sales teams a way to achieve this level of personalization continuously, with a completely hands-off approach.

Now your reps can spend all their time improving email copy and tailoring it to specific audiences, instead of searching for leads and cleaning lists.

Automate your entire outbound process.

Automate your entire outbound process.

Whatever outbound platforms you’re currently using, there are lead-generation and list-building tasks that steal hours from your sales reps. Everything from list cleaning and enrichment to uploading CSVs, to manually mapping fields across your platforms.

To make things worse, reps have to triple check CRMs to make sure companies and contacts aren’t already blacklisted or aren’t active opportunities in your pipeline before they add them to an outreach sequence. Then they have to manually test those sequences to make sure merge fields are mapped correctly.

Leads from Personas, on the other hand, are fully synced with Salesforce and your other sales engagement platforms so that you only have to set up your outbound campaigns once. The leads are also deduplicated against your existing contacts so that you never have to worry about accidentally blowing up an existing opportunity.

Personas removes 90% of SDR work to help you exceed your sales goals.

Sona removes 90% of SDR work to help you exceed your sales goals.

You hired sales reps and not data admins, right? So any minute they spend clicking and typing is a minute that could be spent in conversation with prospects… building relationships and getting new clients.

If a few hours of saved time doesn’t sound compelling, you’re missing the key benefit, because sales goals are achieved only through selling. So any time spent not selling is time spent not achieving sales goals.

When you fully automate your outbound with Personas’ lead-generation integrations, the improved efficiency allows you to increase your sales targets while continuing to hit them reliably and predictably.

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