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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of List Building

Without building a list of leads, business won’t scale. The beginning of every successful venture is triggered by finding interested prospects. List building at every stage should be a central strategy with every business. However, you want to avoid certain mistakes and find the right wheelhouse for your sales team to reach success.

Why Build a List For Your Business?

Every company stage should have laser focus approaches for list building. At a base level, this is to sell products and services. However, there are also endless benefits to finding your target market and turning them into loyal customers.

  1. Finding your product market fit. If you are at the seed stage of your business, then you want to use list building to find out if your product works. Your list at this point should serve as a “survey” or “test” to see how effective your business is.

    When you are using list building at a seed stage, focus on finding your target market, identifying their interests, and seeing what works and doesn’t work.

    Read our blog about seed stage prospecting.

  2. Scale up and grow. After you have identified your target market, your list becomes even more valuable. When you begin to grow, your list comes with you and expands. Every prospect is a marker of the growth of your business and defines the expansion of your brand name. At this stage, the ability to find sales leads becomes a primary operation of your business and expands your needs.

  3. Expanding your market. At the finest hour of every business, is the need to expand instead of remain stagnant. Companies that are at a stage of stable growth and brand recognition now have new opportunities. What products or services can grow into a new business? What are other ways that you can find new prospects? It is your list alone that can define the next stage needs your business has.

List Building and Data Vendors

The legitimacy of list building then leads to the next stages of your business and what you need to do. You want to look at data vendors that can support your process of prospecting and growth.

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Data Vendors

qualities of data vendors for leads

  1. Price per lead. When you are looking at ways to find sales leads, make sure you know the price per lead and compare these. You will find varieties based on industry, qualifications of the lead, and the process each data vendor uses.

  2. Data points. The best way to market and sell a prospect is to identify information about who they are. This should include basic demographics. It should also include countries you want to target. If you want to have deeper pieces of information, consider behaviors, preferences, and details that help to identify easier ways to close your next sale.

  3. Tools and systems. The list building you use needs to compliment the tools you have. A mistake that is common among businesses is they “mismatch” their systems with their list building. The result is limited sales prospecting, confusion with information, and issues with the tools details.

  4. Amount of data. The quantity of data you get impacts your process. It changes the price, alters the process of prospecting, and causes the sales team to fluctuate with their work. Identifying what you need first will help you find the right data vendor.

  5. Types of services. Many vendors will provide an “A La Carte,” allowing you to match the types of services you want or need with each vendor. Others will offer an option for full service, allowing you to have a complete set of services for your lead generation needs.

Data Vendors That Support List Building



Zoom Info list building


  • Scans online sources and compiles best of for your industry
  • Highlights contact events for better information
  • Verified by performance through human research
  • Highlights demographics you need for effective contact
  • Offers quality data, phone numbers, and ENT companies

Pricing: Start with a trial

While has several features to identify prospects, they are best for larger entities and corporations. The proportion of cost to the number of leads you receive doesn’t work for smaller companies that are still scaling or for startups that are not ready for the cold to close process of this level of list building.

Website: for list building


  • Use of AI to immediately find prospects
  • Focuses on building a pipeline for startups to enterprises
  • Data is considered accurate
  • Provides foundational data points needed to get results
  • Data verification

Pricing: Schedule a demo

If you are committed to the sales process, then is an alternative to consider. They reinforce higher pricing and long term contracts. However, you will have continuous and reliable sources to work with the wheelhouse of prospects you want to close.



Data provider list building


  • Offers clean and verifiable data
  • Highlights use of AI, real time updates for your prospects
  • Provides foundational information about every prospect
  • Ability to integrate with CRM systems to instantly track and maintain leads

Pricing: Flexible

Clearbit allows you to follow a pricing structure based on the number of prospects you want to have available per month. While it uses monthly contacts and searches, it can support a startup approach to prospects and allow you to build into a better sales process.



lead genius data tools


  • Uses deeper technologies to uncover prospects activities online
  • Custom and vertical specific data
  • Personalizes data for your entire sales team
  • Connect to CRM systems with their API integration

Pricing: Start with a free trial

If you are looking for different types of data that is specific and niche to your company, then LeadGenius is a consideration. They focus on finding alternative activities that take place with prospects, which uncovers leads that may not be available elsewhere. This solution works for niche or enterprise level companies.


Hiplead lead generation


  • Focus on large databases that then filter based on your needs
  • Identify specific personas and demographics for targeted leads
  • Supports prospecting with extra data on potential leads
  • Over 40+ criteria filters for every lead
  • Connects to several CRM and ESP systems
  • Ability to control your budget and lead volume

Pricing: Flexible

Hiplead is designed for the startup to the large enterprise by pricing and features. It goes beyond the foundational personas and provides detailed information about each prospect. Sales teams have guidelines with cold outreach and can close at a faster rate without the guess work.


List building and outreach should always start with strategy. Identify what vendors work for you, how they can help to build your list, and the action items required by your sales team. Each vendor comes with different approaches to finding prospects and closing.

Hiplead follows the approach of going into deeper personalization and prospecting with list building. The quality of  leads is then higher and allows sales teams to stand apart and reach higher closing numbers.

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