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How to stop sourcing leads from active deals in Salesforce

Have you ever had two sales reps working on the same account without knowing it?

Picture this situation: one of your reps is making good progress with the VP of Marketing at a key account. The VP is totally sold on your product and, together with your sales rep, is preparing a well-thought-out proposal for his CEO.

But, before he gets a chance to present the idea, the CEO gets a cold email from a second salesperson on your team. The email fails to capture his interest and he decides against working with your company.

So, when the VP presents his proposal, the CEO cuts the VP off and just says, “I got an email about this yesterday. We’re not interested.”

End of story. Deal is dead.

Whereas — if the VP had his chance to communicate a pitch that was tailored to his CEO — your company might have a new client.

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but how do we make sure our leads are distributed in a way that avoids this type of cross-contamination between sales reps?

Cleaning & managing data is 80% of the battle.


When you source new leads, you want to check whether those leads have already been contacted previously, or whether your reps are already in negotiation with different leads from the same companies.

This helps you avoid the situation above, but if you do this lead management manually, it can take hours every single time you source new leads.

It’s very difficult to do this effectively because company names are often written down in different ways (Salesforce vs, so two reps inevitably end up contacting the same company twice without knowing that someone else is already talking to them.

It’s very easy to make mistakes because sales CRMs tend to be messy places full of duplicated and/or incomplete data.

But is there an easier solution?

The lead management solution: Sona’s new Salesforce integration.

Sona just released a new lead generation integration for Salesforce that’s the only one of its kind.

There are plenty of lead generation platforms that will push new leads into Salesforce, but until now there has never been a platform that communicates with Salesforce to source leads intelligently based on the real-time status of your existing leads, companies, and opportunities in Salesforce.

Put simply, Sona suppresses the sourcing of leads from your active opportunities, existing clients, competitors, and any other Salesforce fields or states that you would like to suppress.

It automatically tracks changes in Salesforce minute-to-minute and adjusts lead sourcing accordingly, so that your reps always have fresh leads from new accounts that haven’t been contacted yet.

So, with Sona, you’ll never have two reps accidentally contact the same account and blow up an active opportunity. Plus, you’ll never have to deal with manual lead management and distribution that wastes hours of sales time.

Sona is a double whammy.

Sona is a double whammy.

Not only does Sona completely eliminate the time-consuming CRM checking and spreadsheet management that drives sales managers insane… it also sources highly-targeted leads based on advanced filters like company size, funding, technology use, department sizes, and more.

Sona allows you to create permanent audience personas based on the above criteria to keep your lead sourcing honed into your ideal customers.

Instead of scrolling through a lead gen platform that makes you manually select leads, clean data, remove duplicates, and upload CSVs every time, Sona continually sources leads from the same niched-down audiences on a regular basis.

It flawlessly syncs leads with your other sales tools and automatically distributes them among your reps. And it always suppresses the leads you’re already trying to close.

Just set it once to scale up your sales process without having to worry about lead generation or lead management again.

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