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How used Personas, Salesforce & Outreach to book 4x more meetings than the industry average

Here’s a story about how quadrupled their weekly sales meetings in only a few weeks using the very same sales reps.

Eden is your one-stop shop for office cleaning, IT support, handymen, and snack delivery. Essentially everything you need to keep your office running smoothly. You can pick and choose which services you need, whenever you need them.

They serve over 1,000 offices and get 5-star reviews across all the different services they provide, so they were already doing something right before Personas came along… but they felt their sales team wasn’t quite achieving their full potential.

How used Sona, Salesforce & Outreach to book 4x more meetings than the industry average

Eden’s reps were brilliant, but the company’s less-than-optimal sales processes were leaving opportunities on the table.

Sure, their reps were closing deals, but the unpredictability of when those deals would come in suggested to Eden that there we inefficiencies somewhere in their process. Because if deal flow isn’t consistent and reliable, it means that time is being spent on activities that don’t produce sales.

The two main problems with Eden’s outbound process

  1. Eden firstly identified that their reps were doing too much manual work with spreadsheets. They were spending a lot of time sourcing leads by hand.

  2. Secondly, once they’d sourced the leads they were dumping them into the same generic email sequence in Outreach, which resonated with some leads, but there were plenty of leads who were receiving emails that weren’t tailored to their needs and perspective.

The two possible solutions

Multiple sales and marketing people were required just to do the work mentioned above, so Eden wondered if they could…

  1. Automate the manual work of lead generation. Things like data cleaning, CRM checking, and importing leads into Outreach, to allow reps to spend more time selling, and…
  2. Automatically send those leads personalized emails. They wanted to create segmented audiences of leads that were sent different email content based on their specific persona, defined by company size, industry, funding, office location and more, without creating any extra manual list-sorting work for their sales reps.

The tool that combined quality lead generation, email personalization, and cross-platform integration to improve sales efficiency.

Eden decided to try Personas to get fresh, targeted leads delivered every week. Personas automatically synced the leads with the Outreach sequences that matched each of Eden’s target personas, and the leads were already deduplicated against existing opportunities in Salesforce.

Everything integrated seamlessly with Eden’s existing sales platforms, which meant they could improve their results immediately without having to design new sales processes.

Personas successfully eliminated all of the manual admin work that Eden’s sales reps had to do previously, thanks to its high-quality contacts and automation of personalized messaging.

The tool that combined quality lead generation, email personalization, and cross-platform integration to improve sales efficiency.

The results

Eden’s meetings increased from 12 to 60 per week, with the same sales reps.

What started with the small goal of simply making their deal flow more consistent turned into a huge win that Eden wasn’t expecting. On top of the 4x increase in weekly sales meetings, Eden also reduced their outbound customer acquisition cost by 30% and freed up the time of two full-time sales and marketing staff.

So if you’re also looking for a steady flow of sales meetings that’s easy to scale up as needed, reach out to us at Personas. We’d love to chat.

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Improve sales efficiency with quality lead generation, email personalization, and seamless integration with all of your sales tools.

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